Orkney ANM Live

Orkney ANM—Live provides real time information on the status of the Active Network Management System (ANM). It has been designed to help ANM generators understand when the system is operating as expected and when there may be faults. For more information on the project and how it works visit our project pages.

ANM Operation
SHEPD Equipment
Generator Site Issues
Core Zone  
Zone 1  
Zone 1A  
Zone 2  
Zone 2A  
Zone 2B  
Zone 3  
Zone 4  
Zone 4A  
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ANM Status

If any of the generators in a zone are curtailed the ANM operation column in the table above will go amber for that zone. If any of the generators in a zone are stopped the ANM operation column in the table will go red for that zone. If the SHEPD control room has turned off all or part of the system it will show ‘ANM off’ or ‘Zone off’. If there are any Scottish Hydro Electric Power Distribution (SHEPD) equipment failures the zone will go red in the SHEPD equipment column. If there are any potential issues with the communications to one or more generator sites then the Generator Site Issues column will go red.

Active Network Management (ANM)

The ANM system measures the power flows at several measurement points on the network and controls multiple renewable generators that are part of the scheme. The network is divided into zones which represent constraint points in the network and the system receives real time information from the measurement points which are identified on the map above.